Bennett Read Grill Boss – 180° Health Griller and Sandwich Press



The Bennett Read Grill Boss is no ordinary griller. It’s an all-in-one sandwich press, grill & electric barbeque system, with healthy oil-draining design. Packed with features to easily prepare scrumptious grilled sandwiches & paninis, sizzling steak, seared chicken, fish, boerewors & chops. It even bends over backwards to make your life easier! Double your surface area by opening the Bennett Read Grill Boss completely, creating 2 flat griddles for searing steaks, succulent chicken breasts or delicious boerewors. Convenient, easy-to-use, large drip tray catches all the oil run-off so you can enjoy tasty, healthier meals. Superior-quality, durable, non-stick GraniteTech coating for effortless cooking & cleaning. The Bennett Read Grill Boss grills from both sides when closed, cooking in half the time! Adjustable temperature dial for controlled cooking. Plus centralized floating hinge for evenly spread pressure & heat distribution when closed.

What’s in the box
x 1 Grill Boss Griller
x 1 Drip Tray
x 1 Product Manual


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