Bonchem Aqueous Based Oxidising Sterilizer Surface Sanitizer 5l – 6 Pack



This Surface Sanitizer is a broad spectrum stabilised oxidising sterilizer and is aqueous-based.
Surface Sanitizer is well suited for microbiological control of surfaces, including bacteria. This formula is designed and manufactured according to the scientific literature
stipulating that after a 1 minute exposure time the viral infection load was reduced by > 3.0 log10.

Product Benefits
Surface Sanitizer sterilizes surfaces, thus reducing bacterial if minimum exposure
time of 1 minute is followed.
Surface Sanitizer is ready to use. Do not dilute the product, since this alters its anti-microbial activity.

Exposure time: min. 1 minute
Recommended application is a layer of a fine mist of Surface Sanitizer. An estimated usage of
Surface Sanitizer is 300 mL per square meter (0.3 L/m2). This depends on the equipment used for
Test surfaces for suitability regarding stains, especially textile surfaces such as carpets. Consider
plastic covers for Electronic surfaces and sanitize them with rather an alcohol based product (>70%
alc.vol). Do not dilute product, since this will diminish its microbial activity.
Distribute Sanitizer solution as spray onto the surfaces. Do not spray into electrical devices. Do not
wipe the surface dry. Wait until exposure time of minimum 1 minute has elapsed and allow the
surface to dry.
In case of visible contamination, the procedure must be carried out in two steps:
a) remove contamination with a disposable towel saturated with Surface Sanitizer
b) sanitize as described above.

Wear adequate PPE such as gloves, mask, overall and eye protection. Do not breathe aerosols.
Surface Sanitizer is alkaline and corrosive and thus should be handled with the necessary care. Do
NOT mix with alcohols.
In case of skin contact, wash well with soap and water for several minutes. For eye contact irrigate
eyes with clean water for a period of 10 (ten) minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

– Appearance: clear
– Odour: Slightly Halogenic.
– pH : >10.00
– Solubility: Soluble in water (Insoluble in hydrocarbon solvents)
– Specific Gravity (20ºC) : 0.95 – 1.01


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