Munchkin – Travelling Flash Card

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Munchkin – Travelling Flash Card

Do you know how to say rabbit in Spanish? Parents are always looking for teachable moments and learning opportunities for their kids. Now you can be in the know while on the go with Traveling Flash Cards by Munchkin. Your little one will be able to identify animals, shapes, colours and numbers in English and Spanish in no time. Includes 40 cute and colourful cards with 80 visually stimulating, memorable images of real animals to help kids learn. These cards offer a fun way to practice sounds and learn about the world around them. Best of all, the easy-grasp handle allows kids to use them on their own. Jumpstart the educational process with things you might not even know – who knows, maybe you’ll both learn something new. 40 bilingual flash cards to encourage shape, colour and animal recognition

– Ideal for learning the alphabet and practicing how to count
– Handy holder keeps flash cards together
– Great for use in the car, stroller or home

– Gender: Unisex
– Age Group: 2 Years and up
– Dimensions: 20 x 11.5 x 5cm
– Weight: 0.208kg
– Warranty: 12 Months


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