Tevo Kibo Butterfly Mop



Make it Kibo clean: With a powerful crunch mechanism and compression wings for efficient sponge squeezing, cleaning has never been easier thanks to the all-new Kibo Butterfly Mop. Maximise your cleaning: Complete with a large sponge head for maximum contact, the ergonomic design of the Kibo Butterfly Mop means maximum cleaning in a fraction of the time. Take the muscle out of mopping: Say goodbye to the back-breaking work that comes with cleaning. The Kibo Butterfly Mop has an extra-long retractable handle for longer reach and less back bending. Easy to replace sponge: So you’ve done a little too much cleaning? Kibo Butterfly Mop has an easy-to-replace sponge available in stores countrywide.

What’s in the box
1 x Kibo Butterfly Mop


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