Tevo Kibo Microfibre Mop



Make it Kibo clean: The all-new Kibo Microfibre Mop is perfect for tiled, vinyl, hardwood or wood-laminated floors. Super absorbent: The premium microfibre pad can be used wet or dry and & lifts & holds dust, grease and spills. What’s more, the super-absorbent fibres hold up to 5 x their weight in water making cleaning a breeze. Effortless cleaning: Thanks to the high-quality, chrome- plated swivel, reaching under furniture has never been easier. Ergonomic design: The clever design of the Kibo Microfibre Mop prevents the handle unscrewing no matter how many times the swivel twists. Easy to replace pad: The Kibo Microfibre Mop is equipped with an easy-press release for quick, microfibre pad removal.

What’s in the box
1 x Kibo Microfibre Mop


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