Tevo Kibo Roller Mop



Make it Kibo clean: With a powerful double-roller mechanism, cleaning has never been easier thanks to the all-new Kibo Roller Mop. Maximise your cleaning: Complete with a large sponge head for maximum contact, the ergonomic design of the Kibo Roller Mop means maximum cleaning in a fraction of the time. Effortless cleaning: Say goodbye to the back-breaking work that comes with cleaning. The Kibo Roller Mop has an extra-long retractable handle for longer reach and less back bending. Easy to replace sponge: To replace the mop head, simply remove the screws on the black bar, remove the old mop head, replace it with the new one and screw it into the roller frame.

What’s in the box
1 x Kibo Roller Mop


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